What Are Synonyms For Luck?

What means fortunate?

1 : bringing a good result a fortunate discovery.

2 : having good luck : lucky She was fortunate to have avoided injury.

Other Words from fortunate.

fortunately adverb..

Does blessed mean to sprinkle blood?

Bless once meant to consecrate with blood and is now uttered when referring to a divine spirit. According to the OED, bless is derived from Old English blod and bloedsian, which is not found elsewhere in Germanic languages. Blot was originally used to describe a pagan ritual of marking or a ecting with blood.

What does it mean to be poor in spirit?

Scholars agree that “poor in spirit” does not mean lacking in spirit, be it courage, the Holy Spirit, or religious awareness. Rather it is that poverty is not only a physical condition, but also a spiritual one.

What is the meaning of just my luck?

something that you say when something bad happens to you: They sold the last ticket five minutes before I got there – just my luck!

What can I say instead of blessed?

What is another word for blessed?holysacredblestconsecratereligiouspioussaintlyvenerablepuredevout94 more rows

How do you say your lucky?

Ways of saying that something or someone is lucky – thesauruslucky (old) you/me etc. phrase. … thank God/goodness/heaven(s) phrase. … fortune smiles on someone/something. … there but for the grace of God (go I) … luck is on someone’s side. … some people have all the luck. … (it’s) all right for someone. … (it’s) all right for some (people)More items…

How can I be lucky?

How to Get Lucky and Stay LuckyPosition yourself. The first step toward improving your luck is to acknowledge that luck exists. … Plan, but be ready to bail. … Remember, luck comes and goes. … Don’t take the blame. … Go where luck resides. … Stick your neck out. … Never say anything’s 100 percent sure. … Don’t push it.More items…•

Is saying good luck bad luck?

Generally, it is considered bad luck to wish someone “good luck” in a theatre. Prior to performances, it is traditional for the cast to gather together to avert the bad luck by wishing each other bad luck or cursing – in English-speaking countries, the expression “break a leg” replaces the phrase “good luck”.

What do you call a lucky person?

2 Answers. You can say “fortunate”, “lucky”, “leading a charmed life”, “favored of the gods”, “smiled upon by Providence”, some of those being overly quaint for modern conversation.

What names mean lucky?

Along with Asher and Felicity, other names that mean luck in the US Top 1000 include Benedict, Bennett, Chance, Evangeline, Felix, Fisher, Iris, and Jade. Other lucky baby names you may consider include Beatrix, Clover, Penny, or even Lucky itself.

What is a symbol of good luck?

List of lucky symbolsSymbolCultureFour-leaf cloverIrish and Celtic, GermanShamrock or CloverIrishHorseshoeEnglish and several other European ethnicitiesJadeChinese25 more rows

What’s the definition of blessed?

English Language Learners Definition of blessed : having a sacred nature : connected with God. : very welcome, pleasant, or appreciated.

What type of word is lucky?

adjective, luck·i·er, luck·i·est. having or marked by good luck; fortunate: That was my lucky day. happening fortunately: a lucky accident.

What does it mean when someone says bless you?

God bless you (variants include God bless or bless you) is a common English expression generally used to wish a person blessings in various situations, especially as a response to a sneeze, and also, when parting or writing a valediction. …

What is another word for luck?

In this page you can discover 80 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for luck, like: run-of-luck, good-luck, piece of luck, mascot, blessings, fluke, serendipitous, prosperity, weal, wealth and favorable issue.

What is the antonyms of Lucky?

lucky. Antonyms: unlucky, unfortunate, inauspicious, unprosperous, adverse, illfated, disastrous, luckless. Synonyms: fortunate, auspicious, prosperous, successful, favorable.

How do you describe luck?

1 : something that happens to a person by or as if by chance He cursed his luck. 2 : the accidental way things happen Our meeting happened by pure luck. 3 : good fortune We had luck fishing.

What is this lucky?

1 : having good luck. 2 : happening by chance : fortuitous. 3 : producing or resulting in good by chance : favorable. 4 : seeming to bring good luck a lucky rabbit’s foot.

Is blessing a religious word?

A blessing is a prayer asking for God’s protection, or a little gift from the heavens. … Outside a religious context, blessings are less formal. “I give you my blessing” simply means “It’s OK with me.” People give their blessings to ideas and actions when they agree with them.

What is a blessing in the Old Testament?

Clearly, then, there is nothing vague about blessing in the Old Testament. Fertility, prosperity in anything to which the blessed one puts his hand, well- being, riches, crops and the presence of God or His Spirit-these foIm its content.

What does to each is own mean?

Definition of to each his own —used to say that other people are free to like different thingsI don’t care for football, but to each his own.

What does Big deal mean?

1. singular noun. If you say that something is a big deal, you mean that it is important or significant in some way. [informal]

What does better luck next time mean?

Definition of better luck next time —used to say that one hopes someone will have more success in doing or trying something in the futureI’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job.