Quick Answer: Who Ran A 99 Yard Touchdown?

How many 99 yard runs have there been in NFL history?

13 99There have been 13 99-yard passing touchdowns in NFL history, the most recent of which were Eli Manning to Victor Cruz and Tom Brady to Wes Welker during the 2011 season.

But only one instantly resulted in a victory..

Who ran the longest touchdown?

Randy Moss’ Hurdling 90-Yard Touchdown Flashed His GreatnessHome.The Longest TD Run in NFL History: 99 Yards in 16 Seconds.

What year did Tony Dorsett run for 99 yards?

1982In the final regular-season game of the strike-shortened 1982 season, Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett scored the only 99-yard rushing touchdown in NFL history. And he did it on a play where the Cowboys had only 10 players on the field against the Minnesota Vikings.

What’s the longest QB run in NFL history?

Terrelle Pryor (Oakland Raiders) — 93 yards (2013) Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers) — 90 yards (2014)

What’s the longest play in NFL history?

2005 — In the longest play in NFL history, Chicago defensive back Nathan Vasher returns a missed field goal 108 yards for a touchdown on the final play of the first half in a 17-9 win against the 49ers.

Who threw the longest pass in Super Bowl history?

quarterback Jake DelhommeLongest pass — 85 yards In Super Bowl XXXVIII, Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme completed the longest pass in Super Bowl history to receiver Muhsin Muhammad.

Is it possible to throw a football 100 yards?

Absolutely not. No one has ever thrown a foorball 100 yards and no one ever will. The farthest any human being can throw a football is 80 yards.

Who has the longest run from scrimmage in NFL history?

Tony Dorsett’sFor 36 years, Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett’s record had stood alone as the longest run in NFL history.

What quarterback has the longest career?

George Blanda1. George Blanda, 26 seasons. After 26 seasons as both a kicker and quarterback, Blanda, or “The Grand Old Man,” holds a lot of records.

Who has the most 90 yard runs in NFL history?

The Elias Sports Bureau notes that it made Johnson the third player in NFL history with multiple 90-yard touchdown runs, joining Bo Jackson and Ahman Green. It was the sixth touchdown run of at least 80 yards in Johnson’s career. No other player in NFL history has more than three. Johnson has three this season.

What record did Derrick Henry break?

Titans running back Derrick Henry broke his personal single-season rushing yards record against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Henry needed nine yards coming into the game to eclipse his career-high of 1,540 yards that he set in 2019.

What is a scrimmage touchdown?

Yards from scrimmage is a gridiron football statistical measure. … The total of rushing yards and receiving yards is known as yards from scrimmage. This definition of yardage differs from total offense which gives credit for passing yardage to the person throwing the football rather than receiving the football.

How long was the longest touchdown run in Super Bowl history?

Marcus Allen’s 74-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVIII (18) is undoubtedly the greatest Super Bowl run of all time. Allen took a play that looked like a bust and turned it into what was then the longest run in Super Bowl history.