Quick Answer: Is The World’S Toughest Race Real?

How much does it cost to do the world’s toughest race?

And, of course, people have so many questions.

One of the main questions fans and possible future racers have is: how much is the entry fee.

Well, from what Reality Titbit has been able to find out, and as quoted from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the entry fee is $5,000 per team..

Who won the world’s toughest race 2020?

Team New ZealandAccording to Gear Junkie, Team New Zealand was the winner, even after battling a capsized outrigger at the beginning and end of the race. Team New Zealand included Team Captain Nathan Fa’avae, Crew Mark Rayward, and Racers Sophie Hart, Stuart Lynch, and Chris Forne. Their winning time was 141 hours and 23 minutes.

How many teams finished the world’s toughest race?

44 teamsTeam Eagle Scouts finished 43rd of the 44 teams that finished, completing the journey just 90 minutes before the course closed. Team New Zealand took first place, netting $100,000. Team Canada Adventure took second place and $50,000, and Team Gippsland Adventure of Australia took third and $25,000.

Where is the world’s toughest race?

Fiji66 teams descend upon Fiji to compete in the most epic global adventure race ever attempted. Bear Grylls hosts this 11-day expedition that pushes competitors to their physical and emotional limits.