Quick Answer: How Would You Describe A Journey?

How do you write a road trip story?

How To Write A Road TripChoose a character (protagonist).Choose a destination.Give the character a reason for getting there.

( …

Tell us why they are motivated to get there.

( …

Put the antagonist in the car with your hero.

Allow the conflict to develop from this arrangement.More items…•.

How do you wish a safe journey?

Generic Safe Journey QuotesBon Voyage and get there safe!Safe Travels!Enjoy the journey!The road ahead may be long and winding but you’ll make it there safe and sound.Wishing you a safe journey and a relaxing vacation when you arrive!May your journey be free from stress and bring you home safely.More items…•

How would you describe a good moment?

Here are some adjectives for moment: long poignant, frustrating but brief, brief rebellious, earliest possible, single, eternal, brief but oddly sad, terrifying, thrilling, electric dipole, single, splendid, enjoyable, anticipatory, supremely transitional, brilliant, unbearable, singularly inopportune, sharp and …

What’s another name for travel?

What is another word for travel?journeygotourcrossvoyagetraversetrekmoveroamcover210 more rows

What is a word for a long journey?

voyage. noun. a long journey, especially by boat or into space.

What are describing words?

Descriptive words are help visualize, describe, define, or explain information about people, places, things, situations, or actions. … Descriptive words could also include adverbs, or words that help to describe action. Descriptive words could also be clear, strong verbs or nouns that carry clear meaning.

What is a travel addict called?

They have what specialists call ‘an abnormal impulse to travel’ also known as Dromomania. … Studies have shown that people who spend their money on experiences, such as travel tend to be happier in their life.

What is a globetrotter?

a person who travels regularly or frequently to countries all over the world.

How do you describe a trip?

Here are some adjectives for trip: own mixed-up, miserable bouncy, simple four-day, imaginary perilous, leisurely two-hour, probable short, more interuniversal, next spurious, next and very last, itinerant dramatic, percival last, utterly horrid, just final, unscheduled, one-way, damn, dull, short and probably painful, …

How would you describe a long drive?

Here are some adjectives for long drive: nice, tiresome, good, extra, horrible, hard, occasional, last, entire, real, mysterious, splendid, fine, beautiful, whole, long. You can get the definitions of these adjectives by clicking on them.

What is the meaning of journey?

1 : something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another the journey from youth to maturity a journey through time. 2 : an act or instance of traveling from one place to another : trip a three-day journey going on a long journey. 3 chiefly dialectal : a day’s travel.

What is a travel lover called?

Hodophile – the very word for travel lovers. A Hodophile is “One who loves to travel.”