Quick Answer: How Long Does Fear Farm Last?

How much is fear farm per person?

Admission varies by night, but generally ranges from $20-$33 per person.

Prices are higher on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays..

How old do you have to be to go into fear Farm?

We do not have an age limit, however we are not responsible for people being “too scared”, having bad dreams, or the need to check under your bed every night for creatures…..so parental discretion is advised. We have had 5 year old “brave” enough and 35 year olds leave after the first room.

Is 13 floors actually 13 floors?

In some countries, as it is here in the United States, the number 13 is considered unlucky and building owners will sometimes purposefully omit a floor numbered 13. … Based on an internal review of records, the Otis Elevators company estimates that 85% of the buildings with their elevators do not have a named 13th floor.

How old do you have to be to enter a haunted house?

Unfortunately, there’s no set age for most haunted attractions, as all children are different and have varying levels of maturity. Some attractions are rated PG-13, but they will let younger children in with a parent.

Can you buy tickets at Fear Farm?

To ensure your entry, purchase tickets online in advance; you can do this any time during our season, up to the day you plan to attend. Those of you that are tech savvy can even purchase your tickets online from your smartphone on your way to the haunted house!

Can you go to scary mazes while pregnant?

Is it safe? It depends. If the haunted house is one for children, meaning something extremely mild in the scare factor, then it should be fine. But the later you are in your pregnancy paired with the intensity of a professional haunted house could be cause for concern.

How long does fear farm take?

On average, our guests can complete a haunted house in 15+ minutes. Times will vary, depending how quickly you walk (or run) through the attractions. We have four main attractions, so it would be safe to estimate about 45+ minutes to complete all our haunted houses.

Can 13th floor touch you?

No. Actors will not touch you.

Why is there no floor 13 in hotels?

Some hotels skip the number 13 and go straight to 14 when numbering floors. This is true for other tall buildings as well. It is because of the disorder triskaidekaphobia and a general dislike of or superstition regarding the number 13.

How much do haunted houses cost?

Average Costs Today some haunted houses charge as much as $25.00 while most average around $15.00 per event. Major amusement park haunts charge as much as $65.00 for entry into their events. Over 80% of haunted attractions in America charge less than $15.00 per person, while only 3% charge more than $20.00 per ticket.

What do you wear to a haunted corn maze?

Wear proper foot attire! Be sure to wear sneakers, boots, or perhaps rain boots depending on the weather. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself in the dark while in the scare-filled maze because of your shoes!

Do you have to pay for parking at Fear Farm?

We do offer a Fast Pass that offers a much shorter wait and an Skip the Line pass has no wait! Q: Do you charge for parking? A: No, parking along the street is free.

What is fear on the farm?

For years, Fear on the Farm has been terrifying those who dare to enter. West Virginia’s premier haunted attraction opens to the public each year in September. It is an experience unlike any other. If you have a taste for horror all year round, checkout our Off-season events.

Which is better fear farm or 13th floor?

Fear Farm is multiple smaller mazes which generally cuts down the wait in line compared to 13th Floor. Paying the extra $10 for Fast Pass offsets long line, but reduces the cost vs value. No Carnival games and No food vendors.

How scary is 13 floors?

The 13th Floor is as haunted as it sounds and looks. While still standing in the chilly, crisp fall air, guests get scared by actors before even entering the 25,000-square-foot warehouse, but really it’s as long as your imagination will take you.

What is the scariest haunted house in Arizona?

Top 10 scream-worthy haunted houses and corn mazes in Phoenix13th Floor. In many tall buildings the 13th floor doesn’t exist, but here it does — and it is frightfully creepy. … AZ Field of Screams. … The Crypt Haunted Attractions. … Fear Farm. … Golfland Fright Nights — The Gauntlet Haunted House. … The Haunted Harbor at Lake Un-Pleasant. … Jack & Jill’s Haunted Hill. … The Outbreak at Schnepf Farms.More items…