Quick Answer: How Do You Join 2 Numbers In Python?

How do you combine elements in a list Python?

Python Join Two ListsJoin two list: list1 = [“a”, “b” , “c”] list2 = [1, 2, 3] list3 = list1 + list2.

print(list3) …

Append list2 into list1: list1 = [“a”, “b” , “c”] list2 = [1, 2, 3] for x in list2: list1.append(x) …

Use the extend() method to add list2 at the end of list1: list1 = [“a”, “b” , “c”] list2 = [1, 2, 3] list1.extend(list2).

What does represent in Python?

The % symbol in Python is called the Modulo Operator. It returns the remainder of dividing the left hand operand by right hand operand. It’s used to get the remainder of a division problem. The modulo operator is considered an arithmetic operation, along with + , – , / , * , ** , // .

How do you reverse a number in Python?

Reverse Number In Python# Python Program to Reverse a Number using While loop.Number = int(input(“Please Enter any Number: “))Reverse = 0.while(Number > 0):Reminder = Number %10.Reverse = (Reverse *10) + Reminder.Number = Number //10.print(“\n Reverse of entered number is = %d” %Reverse)

What is join () in Python?

The join() method takes all items in an iterable and joins them into one string. A string must be specified as the separator.

How do you add in Python?

Python Program to Add Two Numbers# This program adds two numbers provided by the user.# Store input numbers.num1 = input(‘Enter first number: ‘)num2 = input(‘Enter second number: ‘)# Add two numbers.sum = float(num1) + float(num2)# Display the sum.print(‘The sum of {0} and {1} is {2}’. format(num1, num2, sum))

How do you join numbers in Python?

Use the join() method of Python. First convert the list of integer into a list of strings( as join() works with strings only). Then, simply join them using join() method. It takes a time complexity of O(n) .

How does join work in Python?

The join() method provides a flexible way to create strings from iterable objects. It joins each element of an iterable (such as list, string, and tuple) by a string separator (the string on which the join() method is called) and returns the concatenated string.

How do I concatenate two numbers in Excel?

Here are the detailed steps:Select a cell where you want to enter the formula.Type =CONCATENATE( in that cell or in the formula bar.Press and hold Ctrl and click on each cell you want to concatenate.Release the Ctrl button, type the closing parenthesis in the formula bar and press Enter.

How do I add the same text to multiple cells in Excel?

To combine text from multiple cells into one cell, use the & (ampersand) operator.Select the cell in which you want the combined data.Type an = (equal sign) to start the formula.Click on the first cell.Type the & operator (shift + 7)Click on the second cell.Press Enter to complete the formula.

How do you concatenate in Excel 2010?

#1 select the range of cells that you want to reverse.#2 go to DATA tab, click Text To column command under Data Tools group. … #3 select Delimited option in the Original data type section, then click Next button.#4 check Other checkbox, and type the delimiter that you want to use, such as: a comma character.More items…•

How do you join 2 numbers?

How to concatenate two Integer values into one?Convert both numbers to string.Concatenate both strings into one, as this is comparatively easy.Convert this concatenated string back to integer.

How do you call a function in Python?

Here are simple rules to define a function in Python. Function blocks begin with the keyword def followed by the function name and parentheses ( ( ) ). Any input parameters or arguments should be placed within these parentheses. You can also define parameters inside these parentheses.

How do you join in Python 3?

Python 3 – String join() MethodDescription. The join() method returns a string in which the string elements of sequence have been joined by str separator.Syntax. Following is the syntax for join() method − str.join(sequence)Parameters. … Return Value. … Example. … Result.