Question: Why Lex Luthor Is The Best Villain?

Is Lex Luthor a villain?

A hero is only as good as the villains they face, so the greatest superhero in the world would have to have the greatest archenemy in the world.

That archenemy is Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor is Superman’s mirror reflection and that is what makes him the greatest villain ever..

Why did Lex kill Lionel?

Lex blocked guests (sans Clark) at Lionel’s funeral. As Lionel had killed his parents, Lex killed Lionel, proving that he was a product of Lionel’s parenting.

Does Clark kill Lex?

Despite Jonathan discovering that Lex was investigating Clark through Roger Nixon, Clark remained friends with Lex after Lex proved his allegiance when he protected them from Nixon, killing him.

Is Lex Luthor dead in Supergirl?

Lex Luthor’s shocking death in the Supergirl season 4 finale unexpectedly ties into the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Indeed, the shocking revelation at the end of the episode suggests that Lex’s death may not be permanent and he will return for the 2019 Arrowverse crossover event this fall.

Who is Clark Kent greatest enemy?

Lex LuthorLex Luthor Lex Luthor isn’t just Superman’s greatest enemy, he’s one of the greatest enemies of the entire DCU. Still, with Luthor, it all comes back to Superman.

Does Lex Luthor ever become good?

Whether it be as a leader of a group of the greatest villains of the DC Universe or on his own, there are few villains who have made as much of an impact as Lex Luthor. However, there have been times over the years when he has embraced his good side and become a hero and he’s actually pretty good at it.

Why does Lex hate Clark?

After Clark was injured by meteor rocks and trapped in a cave-in with Lex, Lex confronted Clark about his suspected powers. … Lex’s realization left him bitter and betrayed. He told Clark that they could have accomplished anything together and that, if Clark had trusted him, he could have helped him become a hero.

Who is Lex Luthor’s wife?

ArdoraLex married an alien woman, named Ardora (first appearing in Superman #167; February, 1964). Together, they had a son named Lex Luthor, Jr., who first appeared in Action Comics #544 (June, 1983).

Why did Helen kill Lex?

She was clearly paid by Lionel to spy on Lex, but got greedy and wanted it all. Then again, she didn’t reckon on Lionel defending her son’s honor. Last edited by skully; 08-19-2014 at 10:55 PM. That’s simple: she wanted complete control of Lex’s money.

Why does Lex Luthor wear a black glove?

In the comics, Lex Luthor wore a black glove on his right hand due to cancer that was induced by kryptonite radiation after years of wearing a green kryptonite ring which forced him to have his right hand amputated.

Who Killed Superman?

DoomsdayDoomsday “kills” Superman After all, Doomsday is best known as the monster who kills Superman in “The Death of Superman.” The two characters confront each other in front of the Daily Planet building in Superman’s home city of Metropolis and beat each other to death.

Why is Lex Luthor so evil?

Superman’s very existence cheapens Luthor’s. Luthor must prove he is the greatest man who ever lived, so he must do the impossible — he must make a god bleed. That is how/why Lex Luthor is evil; he personifies all that is right with humanity and all that is wrong with it.

What is Peter Parkers IQ?

IQ’s above 145 are limited to only 2% of the entire worlds population and an IQ of 150/160 is considered GENIUS level, 140-150 is considered NEAR GENIUS (Ultimate Peter Parker’s IQ is 145).

What’s Tony Stark’s IQ?

To get an idea of Stark’s IQ, we consulted the Alpha High IQ Society, which keeps a handy database of the estimated IQ scores of famous individuals and characters. Their assessment: Tony Stark has an IQ in the neighborhood of 270, which in practical terms is pretty much off the scale.

How does Lex Luthor die?

Lex died when Oliver used Winslow Schott’s bomb to murder him in a nasty truck explosion. Lex’s clone gets choked by Clark. However, “Lex” died because of the clone’s mutated body. It was revealed that Earth-2 Lex Luthor was killed by his adopted brother Clark Luthor.

Why is Lex Luthor obsessed with Superman?

Because Lex Luthor is a narcissistic, amoral, sociopathic predator that thinks the world revolves around him, and is jealous of Superman because the people idolize Superman and not him.

Who is Lex Luthor’s enemy?

DarkseidDarkseid. Darkseid is the uber-villain of the DC Universe.

What is Lex Luthor’s IQ?

225Lex Luthor’s IQ is estimated to be 225, which is very impressive. Batman’s is 192, while Albert Einstein’s is thought to be between 160 and 180.

Who has the highest IQ in Marvel?

That’s higher than Reed Richard’s IQ (267), Tony Starks IQ (Accordning to the Marvel Database, Stark’s Intelligence is a Six (Super-genius). In real world terms, that would translate to someone with an IQ at or above 160) and even Bruce Wayne’s (192).

Why does Lex Luthor hate Batman?

Because he couldn’t stop Batman. While Luthor had as much control over Batman as he did Superman, he had more control over Batman cause there was just more to work with. However, again, he couldn’t keep pressing his advantage.

How much older is Lex than Clark?

Lex Luthor should be 21 years old, and Clark should be 14, but the actors representing them are 29 (Michael Rosenbaum) and 24 (Tom Welling) years old, making them 8-10 years older than the characters they are playing. Lex Luthor was 9 years old at the time of the meteor shower (1989), making him 21 as of this episode.