Is There Duty Free On Ryanair Flights?

Can you buy cigarettes on Ryanair flights?

Ryanair has announced that it has introduced duty free sales of ‘top brand cigarettes and alcohol’ on four Dublin routes to and from the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife..

Does Duty Free count as hand luggage?

You can buy in the Dubai Duty Free and take on board as hand luggage.

What does Ryanair Plus include?

With Plus everything you need for an easy trip is included: a 20 kg Check-in Bag and a reserved standard seat. It’s the perfect choice for your next getaway.

Where do I put my cigarettes when flying?

The Transportation Security Administration places no restrictions on tobacco, which means that you can bring tobacco products with you in your checked luggage as well as your carry-on bag. That includes cigarettes as well as cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and other types of smokeless tobacco.

How many cigarettes can I bring with Ryanair?

800 cigarettes. 400 cigarillos (cigars weighing maximum 3 grams each) 200 cigars.