Is 365 Days A Netflix Original?

Why did they take 365 days off Netflix?

Netflix did label 365 Days as “controversial” on the title page, but many viewers are calling for the streaming service to go even further, petitioning for the movie to be taken down altogether.

“[But] the whole movie is based off of a disgusting rape/sex trafficking culture.”.

Is 365 days movie in English?

ItalianPolish365 Days/Languages

Is 365 days coming to Netflix USA?

If you fell in love with Christian Grey in the raunchy saga 50 Shades of Grey, then you’ll love this international film. The Polish film 365 Dni aka 365 Days hit international theaters earlier this year, but now it’s coming to Netflix.

Is 365 days worth watching?

However, it is disturbingly engrossing with its costumes and sexual appeal, it is almost laughably poorly executed in pockets. While the narrative twists with frantic energy and half-baked story development, 365 days is immensely entertaining with sexual tension and an almost passionate, raw appeal.

Did they actually do it in 365 days?

No, it wasn’t real. It wasn’t real.” So there you have it. Blanka Lipinska, the author of the book on which 365 Dni is based, also seemed to confirm the sex scenes weren’t real in a recent interview.

How old do you have to be to watch 365 days?

Written by Blanka Lipinska, 365 Days is categorized as an erotic drama and is rated TV-MA (not suitable for ages 17 and under). However, it is often recommended by Netflix for teens and young adults.

How long is the movie 365 Days?

1h 56m365 Days/Running time

What language is 365 days movie in?

ItalianPolish365 Days/Languages

Will there be a 365 days 2?

What’s the 365 Days sequel release date? Unfortunately, not anytime soon. Newsweek reported that production was supposed to start on the second film this August in Sicily, but was postponed due to the coronavirus.

Did Netflix remove the movie Love?

If you’re looking for Love on Netflix, you’re going to be let down. Gaspard Noé’s controversial 2015 film has finally left the streaming service after over four years of shocking viewers with graphic sex scenes and inspiring challenges on TikTok.

What is 365 days rated on Netflix?

The film, based off Blanka Lipinska’s bestselling novel “365 dni,” offers a blanket “TV-MA” rating on Netflix due to “sex, nudity, sexual violence, language and smoking.” The streaming platform does describe the sex-saturated tale as “controversial” on its website.

Is 365 days movie on Amazon Prime?

Watch 365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley | Prime Video.