How Do You Use Knowing?

What word is know?


Know, comprehend, understand imply being aware of meanings.

To know is to be aware of something as a fact or truth: He knows the basic facts of the subject.

I know that he agrees with me..

Is knowing grammatically correct?

“I am knowing” would not be considered correct in formal English. To understand why, let us consider a similar word like “think.” It’s acceptable to say both “I think” and “I’m thinking” depending on circumstances and meaning. … You either know something or you don’t; there is no process of knowing.

What do you mean by knowing?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : having or reflecting knowledge, information, or intelligence. 2a : shrewdly and keenly alert : astute a knowing observer. b : indicating possession of exclusive inside knowledge or information a knowing smile.

What’s another word for knowing something?

SYNONYMS FOR knowing 1 meaningful, significant, eloquent, perceptive.

What is know in grammar?

Grammar > Verbs > Using verbs > Know. from English Grammar Today. We commonly use the verb know with a noun phrase, with a that-clause or with a wh-clause (e.g. who, where, why): Do you know the music shop just by the market square? (+ object)

How do you use knowing in a sentence?

Knowing sentence examplesShe didn’t feel any better knowing Talon couldn’t kill her here! … Knowing that was one thing. … She gave him a cold stare, knowing her face was getting red. … Señor Medena eyed Carmen thoughtfully, but like Alex, there was no way of knowing what was on his mind.More items…

What kind of verb is know?

have never known someone (to) do something: I’ve never known her to make a joke. I still know the words to some of these hymns….know ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌present tensepast tenseknewpast participleknown3 more rows•Jul 30, 2019

What is a verb for known?

know. (transitive) To perceive the truth or factuality of; to be certain of or that. (transitive) To be aware of; to be cognizant of. (transitive) To be acquainted or familiar with; to have encountered.

What kind of word is clearly?

1. Clearly, definitely, distinctly, evidently imply the way in which something is plainly understood or understandable. Clearly suggests without doubt or obscurity: expressed clearly.